Antarctic Tundra By:Nassario maneiro-cabrera,Gracie boykin,Taryn brooks,Natalia neidig

On the map the bottom shows Antarctica and we are researching the Antarctic Tundra


Plants in the Antarctic Tundra: There are over two species of bearberry. A bearberry's adaptation to the cold weather is that they have little spines that keep them warm. They also have leather like leaves that keep these plants warm.

This a a bearberry with frosted leaves.

Saxifrages like the cold weather so they can easily survive in the tundra. The tufted saxifrage that is up to 5-10 cm long

Pictures of the tufted saxifrage (top left), bearberry (bottom left) labrador tea (top right)

Labrador tea is a slow-growing plant. It is a shrub with evergreen leaves. Labrador tea is in the family of many other teas. For an example, herbal tea. There are 3 different species. They are in the health family.

seals live in Antarctica they live together in groups. They have blubber so they can stay warm in the water.

penguins also live in Antarctica penguins live together in a big group. The dad always stays with the egg to keep it warm when the mom is finding food for them.

whales live there as well they stay in the water. There are three kinds there are killer whales, humpback whales, and sperm whales.

Location: Antarctica hasn't always been located at the south pole. It has drifted, like the other continents, and has ranged from the equator ( during the cambrian period, about 500 million years ago) to the south pole. During the time of the dinosaurs ( the mesozoic era, about 65 million to 248 million years ago), Antarctica was more temperate and housed dinosaurs and many other life forms. Now, there is very little indigenous life.

This is a iceberg in the Antarctic tundra.

climate:The south pole is the coldest,windiest and driest place on earth and the coldest it can get is -128.6 degrees on average.

That is the end of our presentation. Thank you for listening


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