Venezuela by: Yesenia hernandez, Irish mayo, Dulce'celeste Martinez

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas. 3 most important cities in Venezuela are Caracas, Venezuela; Maracaibo, Zulia; and Maracay, Aragua. The population of Venezuela is 30.41 million. The flag of Venezuela was modeled after one used by the liberation leader Francsico de Marande.
Money in Venezuela is called Venezuelan Bolívar. The type of government they have is Federal Republic. Venezuela's independence day is July 5th they won their independence in 1811.
Venezuelans main language is Spanish, languages that immigrants brought with them are Portuguese and Chinese, they have many indigenous languages such as Piacoco; Wayuu; Warao; etc. At school they speak English, Italian, Latin, Greek and French. They have many ethnic groups 20% are whites, nearly 66% are mestizos or Pardo's, 10% are blacks, and less than 2% are indigenous people. Venezuela's main religion is Roman Catholic.
Pabellon Criollo - Ingredients: white rice, dried meat, black beans and fried plantains
Festival de Virgen de Coromoto is held on January 2nd the beautiful virgin is said to have appeared as an ethereal vision, calling for the world to be baptized as she walked angelically on water. Carupano Carnaval is celebrated 40 days before Easter for 4 whole days, it is declared an official event of religion tourist interest.`
Red Devils of Yare begins their traditional battle against forces of righteousness on Corpus Christi day. Christmas begins on December 16th with masses every morning until December 24th. Their main celebration is on Christmas eve or Noche Buena, they put up Christmas trees or a naciemiento (nativity scene). Venezuela's Christmas festivities end on January 6th the day of the reyes magos (3 kings day).
Jose Luis Rodriguez is a famous singer and actor from Venezuela. Gabriela Spanic is also a famous actor from Venezuela.
Venezuela is the United States third largest source of imported oil. There has been a lot of controversy between the United States and Venezuela. The relation between the two countries have been deteriorating since Hugo Chavez.
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