Sport Activities YOU Can Do With Your Friends And Family BY:MATYLDA

1. Play hot potato but with a twist... get a ball and throw it to the others while having only 3 seconds to do so. the twist is that if the ball falls on the ground then the person who last touched it loses a heart. everyone has three hearts to start off with...

2.Tag...Have a home and try to tag each other... You can also have a home and have a chance to hide. When the seeker finishes counting, he tries to find the others as well as protecting the home. If the seeker sees someone then they have to touch the home three times and say "ONE TWO THREE FOR ........(the name of the person that has been seen)". This means that the person has been cought (if they are the first person cought then they'll be the next seeker.) the goal is the get to home and tap three times and say "ONE TWO THREE FOR ME"

3.Egg Race... Have a spoon and an egg. Put the egg on the spoon and try to beat others to the finish line. You have to hold the spoon on the very end. There only is a winner if the egg hasn't fallen off.


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