Gables Cheerleading Officers 2021-2022

Last Friday, our Gables cheerleaders officially announced their officer board for the 2021-2022 school year through their Instagram. The board consists of two captains, one senior officer and three spirit officers, all of whom are on the varsity team.

Co-Captain: Ingrid Moises


Ingrid Moises has been on the Varsity team for three years and is currently a spirit officer. Moises has always had the desire to help the team grow on a greater scale, which is why she wanted to be captain. Moises describes the cheer team as her second family, and aims to maintain that strong team bond next year. In addition to being cheer captain for the upcoming school year, Moises will also be the social media coordinator for HIP, a member of Andrea Jaime Medical Leaders club and the entertainment editor for CavsConnect.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was really hard to get to know my team as well as I should, so that's my main priority as captain next year."

Co-Captain: Kylie Alvarez


Kylie Alvarez became a cheerleader during her freshman year when she joined the Junior Varsity team. Last year, she made Varsity and became a Spirit Officer along with Moises. Alvarez knew she wanted to be a part of the Gables cheerleading team since middle school. Cheerleading has been a great experience for her because she got to create a special bond with her teammates over the course of these past three years. She believes that communication is the biggest key to success, especially when coordinating stunts and performances. Alvarez is very involved in and out of school, as she is also Best Buddies secretary, Managing Editor for the Cavaleon, HIP member and a black belt at karate.

I see myself as a leader who can work hard towards their goal, and I believed that if I tried out for captain I would make this team a lot stronger."

Senior Officer: Nikole De Almeida


Nikole De Almeida joined the Junior Varsity team last year as a sophomore. This will be her second year as a cheerleader, and her first year on the Varsity team. Being a cheerleader has always been her dream since she lived in Brazil. De Almeida attended every cheer workshop and her hard work paid off! She is extremely proud of herself for coming so far even though she didn't know much about cheer when she first started. De Almeida loves being a leader and working with people. Her advice for students who are struggling to achieve something is:

Never give up on your dreams and work hard for what you want, that's how I got to where I am now!"

Spirit Officer: Beatriz Cruz


Beatriz Cruz is a second-year cheerleader, who made the Junior Varsity team during her freshman year, and has now been promoted to Varsity. Cruz mentioned how being a part of the team has helped her become more outgoing and meet new people. One of her main goals is to create a good environment for all the cheerleaders, who inspired her to try out for spirit officer. She is also excited to work on new COVID-19 conscious fundraisers and motivate the team to attend practice. Outside of cheer, Cruz is also a member of the National Honor Society and Gables Earth.

I decided to try out for spirit officer because I really do love my team and I wanted to be able to help the incoming cheerleaders."

Spirit Officer: Mariam Galdo


Mariam Galdo is also a second-year cheerleader who made the Junior Varsity team during her freshman year, and recently got into Varsity. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team wasn't able to do many activities, but Galdo hopes they can improve their tricks next year and cheer at more games. She also wants to create a special bond with every teammate by being someone they can look up to and trust. Outside of school, Galdo works with her old dance team, the Leonettes from Ponce de Leon Middle School. Galdo is in charge of recruiting new teammates and teaching what she learned from her experience.

For me cheer has been like a safe place. Especially during this past year, it was always something I looked forward to, and still do."

Spirit Officer: Teresita Deltoro


Last but not least is Teresita Deltoro, who joined the Junior Varsity team last year as a freshman. Now that she is a spirit officer and a Varsity cheerleader, Deltoro can't wait to share her choreography ideas next season. She mentioned how her cheer experience has been great because she was able to make new friends and learn new tricks from her teammates this year. Outside of school, you can also find Deltoro volunteering at her church!

My goals for next year are to improve as a cheerleader and become a better person overall, as well as to become more involved."

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Created By
Maria B Guillen