France, Paris Gweneth Stengrim

The Eiffel Tower is 320 metres (1050 feet) in height and was the tallest man made structure in the world for 41 years before being surpassed by the Chrysler Building in New York.

The croissant is the flaky and buttery pastry that is sold all over France and at explosive prices in the states.

A macaroon is a type of small circular cake, typically made from ground almonds.

France like many countries has a taste for popular sports such as Rugby.



Cycling is also a very well followed sport, with many people in France cycling as a hobby.

Horse racing is important, especially trotting .

The national flag of France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue, white, and red. It is known to English speakers as the French Tricolour or simply the Tricolour.

The traditional dress in France depends on the region, but consists of items like lace-trimmed blouses, aprons with colorful flowers and white, flared bonnets. The one thing that France's regional costumes have in common is that they are all based on late 18th century rural clothing.


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