Reconstruction Understanding how the president made DECISIONS


You have been made the president of the United States! But this honor will not be an easy task... the former president has just been assassinated, and the Southern states are not getting along well with the Northern states. In fact, a Civil War between the two regions has just ended, and the unrest is still quite high. It is up to you to try to reconcile the South with the North. Will you be fair and allow the South to be welcomed back to the United States, or will you permanently divide the country to make the South pay for their rebellion. It is up to you as the President!


As president of the United States, you need to construct a plan for reuniting the North and the South. Your tasks are as follows:

1. Come up with four to five conditions for allowing the South to rejoin the United States.

2. Determine how you will treat the leaders in power (both in military and in politics) of the South.

As long as you have specific reasons for your decisions, you can choose terms and conditions you want.


Find information through research, lessons, and online materials to see how different groups of people wanted to proceed through Reconstruction and devise a plan with terms and conditions for the South's re-entry into the United States.

1. Gather information from primary and secondary sources provided in lessons

2. Determine four to five conditions for the South to re-enter into the United States. Carefully explain your reasoning for choosing these conditions.

3. Choose how you will treat the military and political leaders of the South. For example, will they have harsher punishments or harder re-entry stipulations? Or will they be treated like everyone else and granted pardon?

4. Come up with a presentation through PowerPoint, Google Slides, or some other form of presentation in order to present your conditions and leader stipulations to your class. You should include your reasoning for each point and be creative with your presentation!



How did you find this assignment? Was is easy or difficult? It sure was not easy for those living at the time to make these decisions. There were very mixed opinions about how this situation should be solved. to find a balance between the North and the South that was satisfactory to all was not easy. Hopefully, you have gained an understanding of the hard decisions the president of the United States had to make during this time.


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