Surrealism by victor lu -tgg3m1-01-

Mr. Melonhead


As you can see, most of my research is space related or sports related



Original Picture

Final Draft


My surrealism piece consists of a galaxy-inspired background with me playing football as a black hole rages in the background. My piece was inspired by the classic sports film, Space Jam. Space Jam was a large part of childhood as it was replayed over and over again on multiple television stations. My piece is based on my love for sports, and this is my way of paying tribute to Space Jam.

It was hard to place the black hole into the piece, since it seemed extremely out of place with just the image, so I added a spin blur to at least blend the image into the background. I was not able to make the shadow on my body seem more natural, so it seems unnatural and extremely artificial, but I added a shadow on the football.

I think the coolest part of the piece is the galaxy background and the spin blur of the black hole because they really bring the surrealism into the empty football field that was originally the image. I would like to try a contest with my friends to see who could make the best and most realistic surreal photo with photoshop. I would like to see different people's way to make a fantasy more realistically.

Created By
Victor Lu


Created with images by Michelle Barth - "Up and Away"

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