Space Shuttle Challenger Explosion Seven Deaths Under Two Minutes

73 seconds after the launch, the ship was engulfed my flames and smoke, but many don't know of the backstory behind the disaster.

Bob Ebeling; Shuttle Engineer

Ebeling's wife had predicted the fate of the Challenger the night before.

The day of the launch was pushed back many times because of weather. Ebeling, along with four other engineers, attempted to stop the launch, but NASA was too eager to wait any longer.

Space Shuttle Model

"NASA ruled the launch, they had their mind set on going up and proving to the world they were right and they knew what they were doing, but they didn’t” -Bob Ebeling

It was thought, that most of the astronauts survived the explosion, but it was the impact with the ocean's surface that was just too violent.

It was a simple demonstration to show the O-ring flaw. Just a glass of ice water could reenact what happened

“Had they listened to me, and waited for a weather change, it might have been a completely different outcome.” - Bob Ebeling

After the explosion, Ebeling suffered serious depression and had trouble dealing with the guilt. He had thought god had made the mistake of choosing him for the job.

“I could have done more. I should have done more.”- Bob Ebeling

Christa McAuliffe; a "normal" school teacher, a victim of the explosion

Today people will understand the risks and be more cautious with the task at hand.

Created By
Kate Taipale


Created with images by NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "Remembering the Challenger Crew" • WikiImages - "challenger explosion space shuttle" • Bernt Rostad - "The Space Shuttle"

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