I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. The school formal is the biggest night for our high school seniors and preparations are under way.
"What dress am I wearing? Who’s doing my makeup and hair? What shoes? What jewellery? How are we getting there?"
A lot of people forget about who’s taking your photos? So much money is spent on the dress, the hair, the makeup, the transport. Without quality photos what have you got to show for the most important night of the last 12 years? Yeah I know, Mum’s got a phone, Dad can take photos, your best friend will snap a few of you as well but how do those pics compare to professional photos?
Get your entire family in the photos. Have unique imagery that shows off you and your dress!
Don't trust that camera phone to capture the event that's been 12 years in the making!
You may be wondering why people would pay for a professional photographer to take photos before the formal when the school organises to have a photographer there on site taking photos. Here's a few reasons why...
* You don’t want the same photos as everyone else at school.
* You want to be able to feel comfortable whilst having your photos taken; not having all the other students standing around watching you.
* You want direction with how to stand and pose.
* You want a choice of locations on the Gold Coast that will allow us to create unique portraits for your personality type.
* You may like to include the preparations for your formal such as hair, make up and accessories.
Individual images start at $200 and collections start at $950
Surprise her with a gift voucher for a full photo shoot! Contact us to organise it.
You won't get photos like these from the photographer the school has booked for the night.

For enquiries - info@mandyleephotography.com.au

Located on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia

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