Never Got The Memo... The Book

An unforgettable and inspirational book about the REAL quest for LOVE!

Because we all have our own unique quests and stories...and this one is mine!

Never Got The Memo...

By: Gail J. Kueker


Never got the Memo...shares an awareness that might even shift your own perspective, and possibly allow you to see what's missing from your own life.

Gail never really saw what others would determine as limitations, nor did she ever settle for less than how she really wanted to design her own life. Even though at times life did show her that it had different visions in mind.

Never Got The Memo...is part experiential, and part memoir that allows the reader to journal their own thoughts as they read along on this very important personal evolution...the evolution of LOVE!

So order your copy today and see how this free spirit designed, painted, and wrote her way through this very crazy and subjective thing called life!

Be the EVERYTHING that your searching for!

Photos from the Book!

What Makes Someone Unforgettable?

With all of our social interactions that occur in both business and in our personal lives, I find it interesting how we choose to handle those connections. For example our business interactions, they're all about one desire...the "art of the deal". Our personal connections are usually about being kind, virtuous and charming in order to "fit in." But many times they both have a common desire...and that is "what's in this for me?"

We usually consider the formula for success in life to be all about...achieving and attracting. Placing so much of our energy into connecting with our "clients", and then whatever we have left at the end of day...is what we bring home to our LOVE. We need to remember that it's not just about showing up, and bedazzling them with our presence out of habit...that keeps others engaged.

Being in LOVE, brings about an incredible feeling. But that feeling doesn't protect you from experiencing all of the dualities that comes with LOVE. The highs of the unity, through strength, desire and perhaps even inspiration. But also the lows with fear, risk, tension and uncertainty.

When coming together in marriage or partnerships of all kinds, we seek that one person to be our EVERYTHING! This is an impossible and unrealistic assumption created for self preservation. We have become so inundated from our daily routine and survival that sometimes we forget how to even cherish ourselves let alone another person?

Learning about cherishing has nothing to do with being "everything" to others. In fact, it has more to do with being your own "everything". And embracing the fact that the person that you have come together with...is really just "on loan". They have the freedom to come and go, and to desire independently from your own wishes. This can be the cold and factual truth, unlike anything we want to embrace about LOVE. But unfortunately so many treat "their" LOVE like a possession. Believing that "the two" are now "one," and that there should be complete devotion on their LOVE's point...at all times.

That's why I specifically choose the word cherish, though many use other words to describe a "seduction" of sorts. But I choose "cherish", because it creates the understanding of what we have is special, and that we shouldn't treat it in a common way at all. So many look at life and LOVE's as a supply and demand checklist...we tend to completely forget about some of the most important aspects of life.

Like owning and mastering our own story in life and embracing the fact that we too can choose to be an unforgettable force. By learning the very important "dance" of allure, which seems to be a "lost art" now. That "allure", is all about having an inner radiance, building curiosity and creating a longing. Be a conundrum...because being basic and predictable is so average. The excitement is in the mystery! Now ask yourself this...what makes you or someone else you feel that is special in your life...unforgettable...above all others? If you cannot answer this...than who can?

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