Emperor qin shi huangdi


Emporer palpatine


Palpatine: "Do it" You shoulda been tough Would've been lit But it was rough Makin' your slaves Die for you In those caves I'm about to renew Like Order 66 Or Attack of the Clones How are you supposed to beat me With a pile of sticks And a buncha stones?
Qin Shi Hunagdi: Sticks and stones were meant to break bones But I can't break what's already broken Your rhymes make me ache Even more than when you're misspoken You try to shake me but I'm unshaken You try to break in, but you can't even make it in Looks like I stopped you dead in your tracks I'll show you how a real Empire Strikes Back!
Palpatine: "Do or do not, there is no try," You should stop before you die "I find your lack of faith disturbing" Your blood should be curdling Your lines are concerning You should stop over working You need a New Hope But you're trying to cope With my rhymes Cuz you're so Undeserving
Qin Shi Huangdi: I know what can stop you It'll be just like deja vu After me, your empire will be like Timbuktu When I'm done you'll need a messiah To help you Recover My lines; like rubber Your lines; like butter I'm in this for the long haul I'm throwing my fastball I built a Great Wall I- wait, wait, who are you? [to HIM]
Trump: Did someone say "Wall"?
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