Lab Safety By: stephanie, holden

It's very important to wear the proper clothes in lab, you could be handling very dangerous chemicals.
Do not horse play in a lab, you can hurt you and others.
It is important to keep all chemicals in a safe and organized place at all times.
It's very important to wear lab goggles in a lab to prevent chemicals from getting your eyes.
When smelling a chemical make sure to always waft the chemical, never directly pus your nose over it.
These two lab equipment's are use to get rid of chemicals. The eye wash is to wash out chemicals from your eyes. The shower is to rinse chemicals out of your eyes.
The picture you see is a fire extinguisher this is used to put out fire on objects.
This picture shows a fire blanket this is to put out fires that are on peoples clothing.
This is a test tube this tube holds chemicals that we by using a in a lab.
This is a beaker, this is used to also put chemicals in, but we put larger amounts and stir the chemicals together.

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