Channels TV: More Than Two Decades of Consistent Content Caleb Adoh

Television in Nigeria turned my life around. I grew up watching a diverse amount of content that hugely impacted my life while growing up. From Tales by Moonlight to Speak Out on the NTA network, and Sunday afternoon cartoons (1001 Dalmatians, Gotham City)by 3 'o clock on Channels TV . These programs and many more which I can't exactly remember made childhood really fun.

Now I am grown, my interests have changed over the years. This doesn't mean I don't get excited when i chat with my friends and we flash back on our 80s kids childhood experiences : favourite cartoons, Nintendos, GameBoy, TV shows and sitcoms. I remember Watching late night news with my dad when I was very young. It was a bit boring, now I realize how important and informative the 10 o clock news is.


In a time where internet usage has become easily accessible and the proliferation of social media has somehow empowered people to become content creators, television content has to be more consistent and innovative in order to sustain the harsh rivalry--television vs the Internet.


From someone who has some experience in content development , and who has also spent a chunk of his childhood watching TV (not in a bad way), I think I have an informed perspective when I say , Channels Tv has been able to create consistent industry-relevant and innovative content which has sustained my interest while growing up till now.The television industry is niche-based--you have to pick your niche, stick to it and be the best at churning out the right content. A lot of programmes on channels tv catch my attention, but two particularly has got my attention--Tech Trends and Rubbin' Minds.

Tech trends airs on Mondays 4:30 pm with a late night repeat. I am passionate about technology and how technology can make life easier for people. Tech Trends does a lot of justice to that. There's an "app of the week" segment of the program that spotlights new apps created by app developers In Africa. Tech Trends takes an in-depth approach in reporting the development of global trends in technology and technological startups in Africa.

Rubbing minds stole my favourite childhood Sunday-afternoon-cartoon spot. In a good way, I have overdosed on political and economic themes . It is important that these themes are discussed, but also from a young person's perspective. Rubbing Minds does that perfectly. Rubbin Minds is a crash course that covers multiple areas: business, politics, fashion, entrepreneurship etc


Broadcasting and news reporting has taken a different dimension, and honestly as a young Nigerian who is passionate about the media, I applaud the management of channels TV for improving the process of reporting foreign news. From various international and local on-the-go news reporters to the collaboration with the Voice of America, I believe Nigeria's broadcasting is on the right path with John Momoh at the helm of affairs at the Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria

I believe the Federal Government should play a much more participatory role in improving the face of broadcasting in Nigeria whilst giving media houses an enabling and thriving environment for broadcasting.


by Caleb Adoh www.calebadoh.com

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