The Murder of Emmett Till Chase Niekro

Emmett Till was an African American teenager who died from a brutal beating in Money, Mississippi. He grew up and spent most of his time in Chicago.
On August 24, Emmett Till was standing outside a country store with his cousins. Till was bragging about his white girlfriend he had back in Chicago and none of his cousins believed him. Since his cousins didn't believe, they dared Emmett to ask the cashier out on a date. He went in to buy candy and on his way out he was heard saying "Bye, baby." Later that night the cashier told her husband about the incident.
Early the next day Roy Bryant, the husband of the cashier, and J.W. Milam barged in to Till house and abducted Emmett at gunpoint. They drove him around town until they found a spot to take care of business. They tortured Emmett by removing an eye then shooting him in the head. To rid of the body Bryant tied Till to a large metal fan and threw him into the Tallahatchie river.
Emmett Till's corpse was found 3 days later by a few fisherman. Till's body was in such bad condition the only way the family could identify him was because of a ring Emmett's mom gave the him.
Roy Bryant and J.W. Milam were arrested and tried in court in front of an all white jury. After just over a hour of deliberating the jury came to a conclusion of not guilty. The jury stated that there wasn't enough evidence that the body was in fact Emmett.
Just a few days after the murder Emmett's mom was able to see the body for the first time. The broke down in tears because of the condition Emmett was in. She decided to have an open-casket funeral so the entire world could see how racist the south is.
Emmett Till's death was a major spark in the Civil Rights Movement. Just 3 months after Till was murdered Rosa Parks was arrested for not giving up her seat to a white man on a bus. She later told an interviewer that when the bus driver asked her exit the bus she had Emmett Till on her mind.

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