When I made my pewter carrot , I had to design it on 2D design then get the carrot mold engraved into wood. I then poured pewter liquid into the mound and left it to harden. After if had hardened we released it from the mold and filed the access pewter off. We then sanded it with lots of grades of sandpaper- hardest to softest- to smooth the carrot down, get rid of all lumps and jaggedness and to make the carrot level. It makes me feel good as I have filed and polished it a bit but I need to finish smoothing and polishing it. I think the good parts on my carrot are how I had filed and sanded it successfully and have managed to start polishing. However I could have made my design more intricate and polished it more and made it perfect. I could improve by polishing more and making it smooth and shiny. I could also drill a hole and make it into a necklace. Overall I think this carrot has gone well but at the stage it is it could be improved.

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