Survivors' Summit 2019 A conference by the Ruth Institute

Thanks to all of our speakers, attendees, and staff for a phenomenal educational event!

Second Annual Ruth Institute Awards Dinner


Summit for Survivors of the Sexual Revolution

with particular focus on

Survivors of Divorce and Homosexuality

April 26-27, 2019 / / Lake Charles, LA

from our Awards Dinner on Friday night . . .

Moira Greyland Peat: The Last Closet

A conversation with Moira Greyland Peat, winner of Ruth Institute's 2019 "Public Witness" award

A conversation with Jeff Morgan, winner of Ruth Institute's 2019 "Activism" award

A conversation with Dr. Robert Gagnon, winner of Ruth Institute's 2019 "Scholarship" award

from Saturday morning, talks and panels on No-Fault Divorce . . .

Dr. Stephen Baskerville: How No-Fault Divorce Empowers the State

Leila Miller: The Lifelong Impact of Divorce on Children

"Reluctantly Divorced" Panelists

Christy Fitzgerald

Allen Chlupacek

Kristi Davis

Divorce Reform Panelists

Jeff Morgan, divorce reform activist

Chris Brennan, attorney

Matthew Johnston, activist & researcher

from Saturday afternoon, Survivors of the Gay Lifestyle . . .

Dr. Robert Gagnon: What the Church Really Teaches about Homosexuality

Fr. Paul Sullins, Ph.D.: Impact of Same-Sex Parenting on Children / Clergy Sex Abuse Report

LGBT Survivors' Panel

Interviews with Staff & Attendees

Our thanks to everyone who made this event possible.

Survivors' Summit 2020

July 17-19

Lake Charles, Louisiana


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