TrentonNordberg my portfolio

Artist statememt

Digital photography is a lot of fun i had a great time doing it. digital photography was the best class i have had in a long time. it was super fun. The way my teacher thought us different ways to take pictures and to look at the world different. I learned a lot in this class, like how u make the shutter speed slow and fast.

My work

These pictures are my best work. These pictures were the most fun to make. the top middle pic was kinda hard cause i had to take the pic before he landed and to not make it blurry either. and the bottle i put that there cause i know its blurry but u don't know whether its floating or falling. top right it was kinda hard but i had a lot of fun making it. bottom two are my album cover projects and i put so much time in to it, those are my best pictures.

My Inspiration

Neil Leifer is a sport photographer and was famous for his muhammad ali pictures he took lots of pictures and he was a great photographer. he shot pictures of basketball and i love basketball. Basketball is my main sport and to find a photographer like him. him and my teacher makes trying to be a photographer lots of fun.

My presentation

The photographer that inspired me.


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