THE MURDER OF LIFE and the smothering of the True Self by religion

Offended, affronted and sons of the slave woman

Sometimes we are affronted. We cling to the notion of entitlement. Our entitlement. Acquired as a result of our own additions. Like religious routines, sabbaths, rites and behaviours. We can be aghast that we have been bound to futility when we could have allowed Christ to come in our flesh – so that Jesus could just be us.

Picking up bags of sand. Taking them away and an bringing them back again ad infinitum

Richard Rohr writes “Those of us who claim to believe in God more often than not deny that “we are already his children” (1 John 3:1) and create arbitrary hoops to jump through—at which few fully succeed if they are honest. So my moral self, which is always in flux, becomes the measure, and we have again lost any Absolute Measure. It seems the False Self would rather have very few “wins” than let God win with everybody. This is my sad conclusion after a life time of working in many churches on many continents, and it is summed up in an often murdered text by most preachers and translators: “I am calling all of you, but so few of you allow yourselves to be chosen” (Matthew 22:14). (1)

You can choose your own reality.

Its Him or you

A moral self will never be the true self and not only because the morality cannot be maintained or attained. In the quest to make a godly self we will either persist with the pursuit because we are too afraid not too or make a righteousness so small that even cat could lie on it as a mat. Righteousness, life, Godliness and sonship are a person and all summed up in the person of Jesus Christ. The self is only ever real when Jesus is our life and we are only Godly when we are Him. With Jesus as our life we are us. We are Paul, John, Ingrid, Steve and Cynthia and in being so are sons and daughters of God. (1) Rohr, Richard. Immortal Diamond: The search for our true self . SPCK. Kindle Edition.



‘Christ come in our flesh’ is the core of the new creation. It is new covenant, incarnation and the vicarious humanity of Christ all in one. Our inheritance as sons of God is so simple and radical that many have missed it, settling instead for the package that is religion. Don’t eat the carton and ignore the contents. Grace is His life as ours.

In Jesus human beings become the manifestation of God. A big fuss can be made about the Spirit and manifestations. However the major manifestation of the Spirit is you, Bob, Norm and Ingrid.

The truth of the ages is that Jesus the christ manifests by the spirit in you and as you.

That you and all who believe are the manifestation of God is difficult for many to come to grips with. They want to translate this inheritance into religion, reduce it to law, institutionalise it, monetise it and change it from spirit into flesh. Even though they have heard that the letter kills large parts of the Christian Industry are an abattoir in which the spirit has been sacrificed in the meatworks of the letter. But Jesus’ church, His Kingdom and new creation are made without human hands. The post cross creation is meant to be a manifestation of Him and the name of this manifestation is the sons and daughters of God.

The Gift of God is Eternal Life.

The gift of life is Christ your life. Christ come in your flesh. All that Jesus is gradually appearing as you.

Jesus used our murder of life - His cross - to undo death from within. The glory of the cross is that Jesus take our death and gives us His life. We get more than eternal life. We get His relationship and fellowship with Father and Holy Spirit as our own possession. This is Christ our life.

‘Realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you’ John 14.20 NIV.

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