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The wild are a tough, Team orientated organization, and they care about their fans.

In 1998, Wild was chosen as a tribute to the state's wildlife and outdoors reputation. It was chosen from a group of six finalists, beating out the Blue Ox, Northern Lights, Voyageurs, White Bears, and Freeze.

The logo design is an outline of a bear’s head that includes the elements of a night time forest inside. Those elements include a creek, tree line, a star, and a full moon. More importantly those elements align in a way that outlines the facial aspect of the bear such as the eyes, mouth and ear. The logo uses three of the team’s colours including straight white for the star. The shoulder patch was a seal style logo that with the words “Minnesota” “NHL” and “hockey” on the outside; and across the middle is the word “Wild” in tribal style font.

The wild changed there logo from being just words to a design and meaning explained in the previous text.

Ducks Today
Ducks Logo Change

The Ducks are a very community oreintated team and are apart of many organizations in there area.

After Disney had a monster movie hit in 1992 with The Mighty Ducks starring Emilio Estevez, the NHL looked to capitalize on the popularity by awarding a franchise to Disney in 1993. The club was called the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim complete with the same logo from the film. When Disney sold the team in 2005, the team name was changed to Anaheim Ducks.

The Anaheim Ducks team colors are metallic gold, orange, black and white.

The Ducks changed their logo because Disney sold the company and they won the Stanley cup.

Current Logo
Old logo

The Calgary Flames are a very confident pursuing team and want to win.

The Flames played in Atlanta from 1972 until 1980 and their nickname was a reference to the city being burned to the ground during the Civil War. When the team moved, new owner Nelson Skalbania decided that 'Flames' would be a good fit for an oil town like Calgary, and the flaming 'A' logo was replaced by a 'C'.

he Calgary Flames team colors are red, gold, black and white.

The Flames changed their logo because of relocation to Calgary form Atlanta Georgia.

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