Plato By:Tara Ayer

Who Was Plato?

Plato was a Greek philosopher who came from a wealthy family. He was born in around 428 BC, and he died in 347 BC. Plato was taught by a Greek Philosopher Socrates. Plato had a student named Aristotle who later became a Greek Philosopher. He was influenced a lot by Socrates and was the main character in most of his writings, but he was also influenced by Heraclitus, Parmenides, and Pythagoreans.

His Philosophy and Main Ideals

Plato believed that democracy wasn't a good system for government. He thought that rule by people wasn't fair. In order for people to live happy lives, they had to have a reasonable government. In one of his books (Republic) Plato described what his perfect government would be. At the top were philosophers, then warriors, and lastly the rest of the people. Plato thought that women and men should be treated as equals. Plato was inspired by his teacher Socrates (another philosopher).

What was Plato's impact on Greece

Plato was a mathematician and philosopher. Along with that, he founded an Academy in Athens. It was the first institute which taught higher education to kids. Plato's thoughts and beliefs on government were shared throughout Greece to many people through one of his writing pieces the "Republic."

Modern Examples of Their Philosophy

Plato's Philosophy could be used today by his ideas teaching us to have a fair government. He has also expressed his ideas on how men and women should be able to have the same jobs, and should be thought of equally. Plato taught that government should be taught by actual leaders rather than regular people. In The "Republic" Plato wrote about how his ideal government would be like. We have learned a lot from this piece of writing.


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