Spam: Spam is the biggest problem in using IT.But you can protect from spam.It is common in mail.You receive mails from someone and the most of the mails have good content like you won money or prize.When you click on that mails your device might get virus.You can stop receiving those kind of emails by reporting the sender as a spam.

Phishing: You can take personal information of people by using phishing.When you use ıt may send a mail to hack another device.When someone take those kind of messages they already hacked.

Virus: Virus is the general problem in IT.Virus can spread by dangerous games,documents or songs etc.It have two kinds of virus.First one is not to hard to release.You can easily release them with anti-virus programs.But when you grab second one ıts not too easy to release it like first one.It can cause many big problems like stealing personal informations.

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