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Football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Ethiopia. I've been to the capital and I can tell you firsthand that all they do all day long is play soccer. They have a team that has represented Ethiopia in Association Football, the Walia Ibex (Walias). They also have a teams for basketball, volleyball, tennis, and track & field.

Another thing is that Ethiopia has won a couple of foot races and stuff.

This is is Kitfo. Chopped raw meat served with Berbere (dried chili peppers converted to a paste) and sour cream

Another food item is Wat. Wat is (how I can describe it) a paste served with meat and Berbere. It can be served with chicken, beef, pork, goat meat, or no meat at all, in which then it would be served with eggs. After that they also have foods like Gomen (collard greens, olive oil, and a bunch of other ingredients) and dinnich ( baked potato mixed with butter and other things that I couldn't find).

The city of Aksuma, home of many obelisks, castle ruins, and tombs.

A small part of Aksum

Some tombs in the city of Aksum have people that have been dead since 1st Century CE. It's a really old city.

There is also the town of Lalibela. A very historic town that represents one of the first times that Ethiopia converted from Judaism to Christianity. It's really important as it has 3 stone-carved churches.

An old church in Lalibela

The Sof Omar cave is the largest cave in all of Ethiopia, measuring at about 15.1 kilometers (9.34 miles) it's claimed to be one of the largest caves in all of Africa.

Three pictures of three different spots of the Sof Omar Cave System


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