Area 17 March Discovery A look back at your wonderful work

HAN from RUSSELL SQUARE showed his expertise in the music industry....
"Ellen came in wanting to learn how to listen to music so I taught her step by step on how to listen to songs on deezer, she walked away very happy and she is surprised by how many songs she can choose from." DJ HAN-I'll be asking you for some recommendations!
It seems like everyone wanted to start whistling summer tunes (or maybe get their running playlist ready for the upcoming marathon next month) ;) As over in CANNON ST transferring music was on everyone's priority list
"Discovery at CANNON ST and commented: Customer got today his first android handset so wanted to find out how to use the phone. We taught him how to sign up for gmail and use play store, explained what are widgets and how to get them, and how to put apps in folders. He wanted to know as well how to transfer music from itunes to android so we find out it for him. Customer was very happy that we spent much time to explain him everything"-AGATA and SHERRI your customer's smile says it all..superb work from you both!
Over in KILBURN-MIKE was reconnecting this lovely lady with her loved ones and did such a great job she became a brand ambassador for 3!
Customer didn't know how to transfer data and also set up her emails and set up Skype to call family back home. MIKE arranged a discovery for the customer and went through it all with the customer. Set the customer up with everything and before the customer left she was very happy and said she will be deffo telling her friends and family to come and join Three...BEST LOVED BRAND here we come! Thanks MIKE!
Speaking of BEST LOVED BRAND, your input into delivering these Discovery moments and sessions are ensuring our customers are retained-CARA's session @COVENT GARDEN was a prime example of this when her customer who had bought a device was really struggling to get to grips with it and wanted to return it.....with CARA's guidance she supported him step by step and he left not only with a new found knowledge but also a smile :) Thank you CARA
In the digital world we live in its's easy to forget that everyone is technologically minded...however for some people it's there first hand at smart phones and you beautiful people gave your care and attention to ensure these young at heart customers were supported in every way
Discovery @ OXFORD ST EAST...Shelia came in after buying a 2nd line for her husband over the phone. She is partially sighted and her husband new to technology so needed support setting up the device. We helped her get her emails, contacts and a pin lock set up which then led onto a conversation around her existing account which she was paying too much for.. we realised she had been out of contract for 2 years so we lowered the amount and also booked in a longer discovery session in Islington so they could learn more about their new device
This elderly gentleman came into store really confused about his iPad and a little upset that people wasn't willing to help him elsewhere, TEEYNA kindly went through things with him step by step. She added all the things he needed to his home screen such as local hospitals, directions and more as he gets a little confused sometimes. Really great work from her, he left super happy that he had such wonderful service
DWAYNE in HOLBORN was approached by a repeat customer who goes by the name of Florence! A lovely lady who needed help with her iphone. First she wanted DWAYNE to teach her how to reset her Apple ID and she also wanted DWAYNE to teach her how to use WhatsApp as her relatives have advised her that it is the best method of communication in these modern times!
Over in WHITE CITY-JOANNA helped this gentleman with his very first smartphone! Joanna kindly took him through the basic setup and taught him how to use phone calls!
Over in BAYSWATER....Customer went from having an old Samsung phone with keypad to a S7 edge. MASS helped the customer transfer all of her data, set up her phone and explained how to use the phone. The lady was hesitant at first to upgrade to latest phone but after the discovery session she feels a lot more confident. MASS also offered future support if the customer has any further questions....looks like he did a pretty good job as he received a box of chocolates for his great service!!
Whereas our Lead Store Manager DAN BROWN went back to school: here is his story from the day he went to Bickley Park School; "Yesterday I had the pleasure of joining Lee, Rick and Alan in facilitating an 'In School' Discovery session on Hopscotch at Bickley Park School. It was a fantastic experience, spreading the word about Discovery, talking to the teachers about Three, helping the children to code and showcasing their hand made games at the end.....We even got a free School Dinner!"
Great stuff DAN! Looks like they were teaching you a thing or two as well! :)


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