Passion Artwork at The Old Passage, Arlingham, Gloucestershire

passion |ˈpaʃ(ə)n|

noun1 [ mass noun ] strong and barely controllable emotion: a man of impetuous passion.

• [ in sing. ] a state or outburst of strong emotion: oratory in which he gradually works himself up into a passion.

• intense sexual love: their all-consuming passion for each other | [ in sing. ] : she nurses a passion for Thomas.

• [ in sing. ] an intense desire or enthusiasm for something: the English have a passion for gardens.

• [ count noun ] a thing arousing great enthusiasm: modern furniture is a particular passion of Bill's.

Our artists have taken and interpreted the word 'Passion' in so many ways - often their own personal passions. Here you'll see one image from each artist and a brief, 25 word statement - their media include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography and jewellery. The artwork will be on show at The Old Passage until late November 2017

Alice Adams

The water and boats are amongst my favourite places and subjects for painting. With the challenge of changing weather, the interest and pleasure are constant.

Catherine Asprey

“. . . To mingle with the Universe, and feel what I can ne’er express . . .”

Yet he does, skilfully, put into words my passion for that ‘lonely’ shore.

Fly to her and fall upon her gilded eaves and tell her swallow that brief is life but love is long and make her mine.

Anne Bate-Williams

This painting entitled Insight has been a cathartic experience, as a freely expressed, artistic response to my recent time spent in Kenya, with Compassion UK.

Christine Bingle

I have a passion for English landscape painting; especially the quiet corners and broad sweep of the Stroud valleys here in Gloucestershire, my adoptive county.

Susanna Birley

I have a 'passion' for waterfalls, so it has been an exciting journey discovering how these may be portrayed with the special qualities of watercolour.

Carolyn Black

Passion for the Severn, passion for the flow. Land rising up ahead, or spread out, far below. Stand on either bank, the river travels through.

Georgina Bouzyk

'Painting in oils, I have a passion for the intense and delicate Irises, that have a triumphant but evanescent, dying season. Et in Arcadia Ego.'

Jilly Cobbe

Birds have insinuated themselves into my life and I am smitten by their intelligence, diversity and allround extraordinariness. We must take care of them.

Alexandra Collins

At a point in life when it stopped there was immense fear for unexpected, but life brings new chapters and hence passion for the unexpected.

Debbie Cox

Passion is in the speed of my hand or brush across the paper or the canvas, it is in my deep connection to the landscape.

Krysia Drury

Flesh, sinew, muscle and bone,

The cry of a bird, a sensuous groan.

A vale, a mound, a slope, a peak,

Rising passion, curvaceous cheek

Angela Findlay

‘Passion’ has always been an integral part of my painting process. My colours are often intense, reflecting dramatic skies or lingering suggestions of what went before.

Karen Green

As a botanical artist, the passion fruit is cut in suggestive ways to stir up strong emotions, whether you see sexual greed, uncontrollable behaviours or intense love.

Sylvain Guenot

"Look first and then listen to the voice of passion emanating from these lips created by my artist friend Kim Francis. Bronze and stone sculpture"

Pat Homewood

Hafren, love child of a British king and a German princess, long ago poured her name into the River Severn, victim of jealousy, lover of life.

Jan Irvine

Morning...walking in the countryside...just me, birdsong and the elements; one of my biggest passions. These paintings are a simple expression of this joy.

Valerie Jordan

My recent work has involved drawing painting printing, and sewing in direct response to the landscape of Miami, and the Cotswolds.

Anna Knight

The strong dynamic of the Black Mountains near where i live influences my art. My interpretation of its deep geological cuttings symbolises an open hand.

Elaine Knight

The printed word resulting in tempestuous feelings. Turbulence expressing a passion beyond words. This haptic and vivid work representing heart and gut rather than head

Emily Lawlor

Fly to her and fall upon her gilded eaves and tell her swallow that brief is life but love is long and make her mine.

David Manzi-fe

The wonderful shape, texture and colour of this cabbage stuck so strongly in my mind's eye that I had to enter it for this exhibition!

Rachel Markwick

While in Portugal I became passionate about sardines. The industry is so important there that commemorative stamps were recently issued packed in a sardine can!

Annie McGill

Human emotions and passions are captured in these sculptural drawings; made through life drawing in clay, ink and pastels and often informing 3D sculptural work.

Alison Merry

Balzac wrote 'Without passion religion, history, romance and art would be useless''. Here represented, in line and colour, three great passions: suffering, desire and love.

Linn O'Carroll

I am a noticer - the small, often insignificant fascinate me. I look for secret bonds and associations. My passion is 'wonderwandering' for my finders-keepers.

Arthur Pann

Two passions interlinked, the garden of my hedgerows and my garden. The arabesque of growing things, the way leaves curl, tendrils spiral and stems curve.

Kerry Phippen

The bond we have with the animal kingdom and the natural world inspires a passionate response and our love for nature connects us without words.

Kel Portman

Passion? 'Daily walking, in all weathers, in every season, becomes a sort of

ground or continuum upon which the least emphatic occurrences

are registered clearly'.

from Thomas A Clark's 'In praise of Walking'

VIcki Portman

A necklace is all that adorns her body now

laced in romance and memories

each stone holding the thoughts of

nights of passion spent

Chris Rose

Quiet passions – tea, toast, books, gardens, walks, crafts, games, conversations, painting, cooking, singing, dancing, lazing – the sustaining heartbeat of our lives, glowing through all weathers.

Alisdair Shepherd

A sunburst through the clouds, enlightened by the divine nature of Mother Earth & Father Sun let it fill your heart with love and passion.

Chris Smith

I have always had a great passion for the sea and sky. The varying moods, colours and the atmosphere drive my oil and watercolour paintings.

Mark Stopforth

" passion is for Art, painting and landscape, a passion lost in time and endeavour when the painting becomes a thing in and of itself..."

Melvyn Warren-Smith

These two models of mine were in a relationship together so it was easy for them to create this passion and eventually they got married.

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