Messages to the World By:anna thornton and calie svoboda

Chicago, USA: Our message to Chicago is to keep peace and have an open mind in all situations.

New York City, New York: Our message to New York is to keep the city clean and preserve the beauty found in the nature of the city.

Tokyo, Japan: Our message to Tokyo is to be patient and kind and to work together even though though there is overpopulation.

Paris, France: Our message to this city is to share the beauty of Paris with the world and to reach out to neighboring cities as a helping hand.

Harare, Zimbabwe: our message to this city is to work on ending hunger and to improve the well being of its citizens.

Mexico City, Mexico: Our message to this city is to reduce air pollution and encourage citizens to focus on their environment.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil: Our message to this city is to improve the city's safety by breaking up gangs and to encourage love and peace.


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