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Learning Experience

One Object


Documentary Scavenger Hunt

Digital Collage

Project 4


Project 5

Final Project

The idea for this final project comes from my weightlifting/football class. With my 10 pictures i worked to illustrate the various forms of workouts we engage in. From land to aquatic to yoga, i focused on having a diverse selection of images and settings.

Overall Growth

Coming into this class i had little to no understanding of how to operate a camera or how to properly edit pictures on photoshop. But after 12 weeks of this class i now not only have a better understanding of how to work with cameras and photoshop but i also have developed a love for photography and plan on buying a camera of my own. Looking back at this class the most challenging part was showing my understanding of the class and applying to the quizzes we would take in class.

skills learned

Skills I have acquired in my time in this class include shutter speed adjustment, DOF understanding, the rule of thirds, blended exposures, and direct/diffused portraits. These skills carry over into the many projects we have done this semester. With a solid understanding of each skill i was able to confidently apply them to my work. These skills were crucial to my proper execution of each project.

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