Crimes against the elderly By eila mathias

Definition: Fraud committed by strangers, and financial exploitation by relatives and caregivers.


Did you know: 1. 56% of elderly violent crime victims reported to police, and property crime is 72.3 per 1,000. 2. 59% of violent crimes victims reported the crime near or at they're house. 3. Abuse and neglect are 2 example of crimes against the elderly. 4. Fraud or identity theft ( telemarketing or a sweepstakes). 5. Elderly are easy target specially with technology.


What can you do: 1. Conduct research on attitudes and awareness of senior about telemarketing and fraud and scams 2. Devise a media campaign includes public service advertising. 3. Identify examples of prevention,resources, and success from within the network. 4. Develop telemarketing fraud and scams prevention-focused partnerships with law enforcement. 5. Develop, implement, promot,training and related tools for law enforcement that when working with seniors.

Fake telemarketing

Current events: . Summary: Its about scams against and safety for the elderly. Also talks about different types of crimes against the elderly. And it gives some stats and rate too. The current event also give that people 60 or older are more likely for telemarketing fraud.

Nursing home abuse



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