Little Miracle By Molly peacock

I really enjoyed reading Little Miracle by Molly Peacock. For me, it served as a nice reminder of whats truly important in life. I haven’t worked with many villanelles so this form was particularly interesting for me. I think that the form worked really well with the content of the poem, and that the repetition helped to highlight the essential messages within the poem. What I gathered from this poem is that getting worked up and worrying too much isn’t good. It solves nothing. This poem is like something you would read to someone if you were trying to calm them down. It implies for us to live in the moment and that love is the most important thing in life. It also addresses the fear of the unknown, and how we shouldn’t let that hold us back from striving toward our goals and aspirations. I looked up the definitions of several words used throughout this poem to facilitate a greater interpretation. Both ‘hysterical’ and ‘frenzy’ include feelings of extreme and uncontrolled emotion. While I found the word ‘coracle’ to be defined as, “a small round boat with a paddle” (OED).

The poem seemed to move from a broader outlook in the beginning to a more in depth outlook at the end. Changing from, “Our lives are a little miracle”, to “Our inner lives are a miracle”. My favorite part of this poem was the closing quatrain. The first line of the quatrain refers to the human heart, that beats protected and concealed by our rib cage. The following section of this quatrain specifically resonated with me, which read, “The watertight boat we steer through others’ acid, hysterical demands.” I think this section is aiming to remind us that we are each the captain of our own vessel. Having said that, we ultimately determine whether we sink or stay afloat. The steering of the boat implies that we are in control of our own journey and that we shouldn’t get overly caught up in that of others. People can be toxic and we shouldn’t let their “acid” disrupt our content state. The very end of the poem reads, “Ours is the miracle; we’re here.” I’m unsure if this is referring to one individuals life and how we are each a miracle in ourselves, or if this is referring to the love between two people being so sacred and pure that it is a miraculous.

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