Jocelyn´s Energy

Energy Facts: There are 3 types of energy. There is kinetic energy which is the energy of movement. There is also potential energy which is the energy of stillness. Last but not least, there is thermal energy which is the energy of heat.

Thermal Energy Facts: Thermal energy can be transferred in three ways: convection, conduction, and radiation. Conductors, such as metal, allow thermal energy to move easily through them. Insulators, such as plastic, are objects that don't allow thermal energy to move easily through them.

Thermal energy is heat. Thermal energy is part of the total energy of any object. Thermal energy is always goes from hot to cold never from cold to hot.

Kinetic Energy Facts: An object keeps the same amount of kinetic energy unless it speeds up or slows down. Kinetic energy can be calculated for any moving object as long as the objects' mass and speed are known. The faster an object moves, the more kinetic energy it has.

Potential Energy Facts: When an object is held in a vertical position, it has gravitational potential energy because gravity is working to pull it down. Once an object is acted on by a force, its potential energy is then transformed into a different form of energy. An object must be changed by some type of force in order to possess potential energy.

This Bill Nye video is very helpful because it is explaining a lot of facts of energy. In this video it talks about all different types of energy. This video also gives you examples about thermal, potential, and kinetic energy. It is helpful for facts about the types of energy.

This is my solar oven. It has a rotary oven. It is layered with black construction paper and aluminum foil. It is covered up with plastic wrap. It is made out of a Nike shoe box.


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