old school by connor,mms

What if you had a crazy family? What if your friends at school were out of control? That is Greg’s life from the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid Old School by Jeff Kinney.

So Greg wanted to have a normal family, but he can’t because his big brother Rodrick is always picking on him. Rodrick gets a job to get away from home. Then Greg doesn’t get picked on as much.

As a result his family comes to visit him on his first day at his job and they find out he is a trash boy. It made me feel like he is judged and that`s why he is the trash boy. The book taught me to have a good laugh once in awhile because it is funny and everyone in the book is really careless.

They are however it is a fantastic book because the way the author made the character.

They are all funny and unique But Greg still has to live with his extraordinary family.

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connor morris


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