A Day in Siskiyou County Waterfalls, railroad history, Mt. Shasta, and more!

Photo Credit: Discover Siskiyou

Vacation opportunities in Siskiyou County are rich and varied - you'll find everything from stunning waterfalls to railroad history. All against the stunning backdrop that is Mt. Shasta. Below we've put together some of our favorite sites for a day that encapsulates the best that Siskiyou County has to offer.

Mount Shasta

Start your day off in the city of Mount Shasta! The city offers an array of charming shops and eateries, unique bookstores, art galleries, spiritual centers (including the unique Crystal Room), and easy access to spectacular views of its titular mountain.

McCloud River Mercantile Co.

After you've explored Mount Shasta, head to McCloud and enjoy shopping and dining in a historic restored Mercantile. With numerous merchants offering a variety of goods, you'll find everything from an apothecary candy store, handmade jewelry, apparel, and vintage goods.

McCloud Falls

After you've had lunch, head on over to McCloud Falls. There are actually three levels to McCloud Falls: lower, middle and upper, each offering different views. Hiking to each of the falls is relatively easy - each fall is accessible by car and a short walk to the vista point, and there is a path that leads to all three if you feel like a hike.

Photo Credit: Discover Siskiyou

Hedge Creek Falls

Not ready to stop looking at waterfalls just yet? Then head over to Hedge Creek Falls. Take a winding, serene path, leading to the beautiful waterfall. There's even a little cave behind the falls where you can look through the falls and into the beautiful forest.

Photos courtesy of Railroad Park Resort

Finish your day off with dinner at Railroad Park Resort! The Dining Car Restaurant is one of the most interesting restaurants in Dunsmuir, CA. Built inside authentic, vintage railroad cars, the restaurant is a museum itself. Inside its antique cars is an atmosphere steeped in nostalgia. Antique hand tools, gauges, pictures, signals and other artifacts recall the glory days of railroading in the west.