How is Snapchat affecting social skills By Brianna Cornfield

How is Snapchat affecting your social skills

By: Brianna Cornfield

Lately teens worldwide have downloaded the social media app, Snapchat. Snapchat allows teens to communicate with their friends with just a click of a button. This new social media was made to increase social skills between teens but is it starting to do the opposite?

Snapchat allows you to communicate by taking pictures of yourself and then sending them to friends. But is taking pictures really communicating. Since teens don’t really chat on Snapchat, when it’s time to actually communicate they have trouble.

The lack of teens talking to each other makes communication skills decrease. Infact studies from Elon University have shown that since snapchat got popular there has been a decrease in teens social skills. It's harder these days for teens to communicate with each other since they are snap chatting instead of face to face conversation.

89.4% of 8th graders that took a survey at Coleytown Middle School have a snapchat, but only 7.1% actually talk to each other on the app.

Mostly instead of talking teens snapchat each other, even if they’re in the same room.

Because teens communicate so much on Snapchat they start to stop talking to to their friends. It’s not like they never talk to them, but many teens will go over to their friends houses and instead of talking they just sit on their phones snapchatting each other.

“Children, ages 8-18, spend over 7.5 hours a day, 7 days a week using Snapchat outside of school”.

Next, students that took the survey at Coleytown Middle School say that Snapchat actually isn’t that great. Sometimes kids just send blank screens to each other for no reason, they say “It’s just something to do when you’re bored”. Little do they know that these black screens are affecting their social life.

Finally, since Snapchat is used so much by teens, and when they are using it they barely even talk, the social skills of the teens are slowly decreasing. Since they are getting so used to not talking to each other, when it’s finally time to talk or do a presentation their social skills are lost. The lack of face to face talking has dramatically decreased making kids and teens less social, so get out there and talk, it can’t hurt.

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