An Artistic Journey By Jessica Powers

Whenever I start a project, I just jump right into it, going with whatever thought first pops into my head. For the start of my altered book project, the first thought was felt.
I like to be just as surprised as everyone else is with my art, that's why I don't think much about what I'm doing. When I glued this piece of paper down, I thought I was just gluing one piece and was surprised when another piece popped up.
I think recycling is very important, especially in art. Why throw that away when you can use it? I took some of the extra pages in the book I was using and cut them up to make something new.
Since I don't think much about what I'm doing, accidents happen. However, they are usually really cool looking. I glued this feather down with a little too much glue and when I turned the page, I thought the glue was dry. When I turned back to it, the pages ripped to make this funky looking composition. I didn't want to fix it.
My brain is very, very pattern oriented, so even placing things randomly, without thought, will still make some sort of pattern. That's what happened here. It was totally random but in the end, it wasn't.
Most of my art doesn't have any grand meaning or explanations, it just is. But I do like to derive new meanings from other things to make my art. I picked a few different paragraphs randomly and redacted them to make new sentences and meanings.
Some parts of my art do actually have some thought put into them, but only when necessary. I wanted to make a stand that was structurally sound, so I took the time to measure out the pieces before I glued them together.
I love things with lots of colors. If it's bright and colorful (and sparkly) then it's for me. Nearly all of my art is like this. I like to make art that catches people's eye and draws them in. This is demonstrated in this piece.
Going along with the colorful part, I also love making things that just look really funky. Randomness and unpredictability are a girl's best friend; I think everyone should utilize them. I saw some glitter pens in the closet and I just ran with them. I did whatever my heart told me to and made this.
In the end, all my art just comes together. All my actions come straight from my heart so all my projects end up looking really good. My passion for art and my unique approach help me make great art that I really love.

Beginning - The beginning of this journey starts at the beginning of this class. I started off with a pretty good amount of knowledge of art since I've had quite a few art classes before. I knew I had a lot to learn though. I already knew exactly what projects I wanted to do but I didn't know how I was going to approach them since my method is randomness. The first project I tackled was the altered book project; my absolute favorite project. Once I figured out what book I was going to use, I jumped right into it. I didn't even think of a theme since I was so eager to start. I wanted to use materials I hadn't used the last time I made an altered book, so I went with felt and beads and jewels. I tried to make the book as colorful as possible and I even drew some original illustrations. I learned an interesting way to glue the beads on too. I tied the end of the string to a Popsicle stick and glued that onto the book. I made some mistakes but they ended up looking really cool so I didn't fix them. One example would be the feather I glued down and I turned the page not realizing it was still wet so when I came back to it the page ripped and stuck to the feather. This project helped me learn how to use new materials I'd never thought I'd use. It also helped me find unique and interesting ways of using those materials.

Middle - The middle of this journey commenced when I started my sculpture project. When it comes to the traditional side of art, like drawings and sculptures, I like to use abstractions. I find them the easiest to work with. I had an idea of what materials I wanted to start off with but I didn't know how I was going to use them so all I could do was do what I did last time and just jump right into it. I picked cardboard and construction paper and went to work. I started cutting this way and that and glued everything in sight together. I took a little more time with these projects since I wanted them to be structurally sound. I also but actual thought into them, like when I made the square stand and I actually measured the pieces out. I learned how to make my art stand up on it it's own rather than just laying flat on the desk. It was a pretty cool experience.

End - The end of this journey is right now. This final exam is the last project I'll be doing and I think it's also a part of my art. It gives me time to really reflect back on this class/journey as well. I learned a lot in this class and I definitely grew as an artist. I feel much more confident in my abilities when it comes to the traditional side of art. I wish I had more time in this class, however. There are still more materials I'd like to work with and new projects I'd like to tackle, but for now I'm happy with what I've learned. I was able to experiment with new methods and make more creative art.

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Jessica Powers


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