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Career Summary

Brand Manager

  • A brand manager is responsible for the development and the execution of brand marketing skills. They help the brand by sustaining the high standards of the name to keep and gain customers.

Skills and Education Required:

  • The least amount of education for a Brand Manager would be a Bachelor's degree. But it is recommended that one has a Master's Degree or higher. The employer's will spend great amounts of money on branding and marketing strategies. What the employers are looking for are brand managers that have successful experience in the marketing field and creative thinkers. Certification is also a recommended requirement for this career, just to show that one has the fundamental principles of brand managing. You can get certified from AIPMM (Association of International Product Marketing and Management) and CME (Certified Marketing Executive) designation.

Occupational Outlook:

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Marketing Manager Jobs are projected to grow 9%, between the years of 2014 and 2024. This occupation is also projected to go toward the social media side of marketing, with social media being a huge industry for advertising products. With ad's on different social accounts and commercials before videos the possibilities are limitless with how and what a company can advertise.
  • The average salary for a brand manager is around $110,000, but varies by the location.

Career Choice:

  • I plan on being an executive Brand Manager for a Fashion company while gaining experience in the fashion industry to then turn my career into my own business. I want to have a couture fashion line featuring only gowns.

About Me

Career Related Education:

  • In my high school career I have taken various classes to prepare me for college and overall my career. Classes that would strengthen my skills and help me get further in the career that I want. Those classes would include Clothing 1, 2, and 3, Marketing, Business, Personal Finance, Spanish, and a background with some German, Computer Applications, Art classes, five different English classes, Statistics, and other classes like Food Science that would help me have a broader opportunity range when working for different companies.
  • I have worked in a retail job setting which has contributed to my education that I will use in my career. The most rewarding thing I do at my Job is help customers find their personal style. While working I have been the "judge" numerous times when costumers have asked "How does this look on me?" "Would you wear this?" "Do you think I need a bigger/smaller size?" or just advice on weather or not someone my age would wear a clothing Item. I absolutely love helping people find clothes that will suit them and make them feel their best, because they will remember that personal connection, and that is the image I want to set as an employe for the company.

A dress design from 2015 by Shania C.

Educational Enhancement:

  • I'm going to college and first getting a Bachelors degree in Marketing. Once I have accomplished that goal I plan on going back to school to get a Masters degree in Marketing. College is a must in my life and I see college as a tool to help me succeed.
  • Once I am in college I will be working on internship opportunities that will give me a look in the business world. I will also be interested in fashion design internships. But before then I will continue to volunteer for different organizations that will help me reach my career goal. I volunteer about four times a month at various places like, preschools, soup kitchens, and at church.
  • Being a volunteer is important to me as well as being a leader. I am the head Public Relations Officer of my schools Student Council and National Honor Society. I am also an active member in DECA and FBLA. I am also the Co- Captain on the Lady Bulldogs Girls Varsity Tennis team at school.
Volunteering at an African American Museum Holiday Party in 2016. I am on the left and my friend on the right.

Special skills:


  1. Sewing by hand and on the sewing machine
  2. Designing patterns and Detail Oriented
  3. Leadership Skills
  4. Organization Skills
  5. Marketing IT Skills
  • By using the different skills that I have developed I can go further in the career I want because I have a trained sense for style. Creative thinking and detail oriented skills will also help me come up with new ideas and improve old ones. Inspirational brain storming is another skill that will help when it comes to creating new ideas.


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