REP ft ACE -Badman Tin - REP ft LBLAQ -Ahu Da Bway music video

The narrative of the music video is about two high school students, One lives in the hood and the other lives in the suburbs. The lead lady lives in the suburbs but has a hood mentality. Both characters are on the same state of mind of breaking rules and having fun.

REP FT LBLAQ AHU DA BWAY - video opens with REP on the highway on his way to LBLAQ, he finds him chilling outside a super market he jumps out for a chat,then they decide to go for a drive. This scene will be shoot with a car mount rig which will cut to performances of great camera movements.

drive scene to LBLAQ
performance outside a super market
Drive scene performance

On the way we cut to B-Roll shots of them picking up girls and having a little chill party on the road ending with REP living LBLAQ with the party and driving of to his bad bad

REP FT ACE BADMAN TIN begins when REP pulls up at her bad's girl place to pick her up for just a random weekend of fun in the hood. And we see him waiting outside for her while he does a performance and admiring her dads Benz parked outside. She sneaks out the house and notices his admiration and they decide to steal it for the night anyway bribing the security at the estate gate when driving off. The journey begins where REP just takes her to the hood and they just have fun all night round, ending off with him dropping her off in the morning.

bribing the security at the gate for stealing his Dads car
We get B-Roll shots of hood living dynamics at night where we see the two shopping at the filling station for refreshments, snacks, chilling at the corner with the hommies this set up will allow for cameos mean mugging and doing all types of bad things. b roll of them standing at the corner smoking. spray painting a wall, being chased by the dogs
B-Roll shots of driving to the hill to check out the view, Cutting to more performances at the club. and finally going home

Hill Top B-Roll and a club performances set

final performance of Rep doing a performance agaisnt a wall cutting to beauty shots of the model in the bath tub. ending off with him dropping her and her dads car off in the morning

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