Pop Art Project BY: anna gibson

March 14- During the first day of working on the pop art project I was absent. Even while I was out, I completed the 6 sketches. The 6 sketches that I did were based off of work by Jasper Johns. One of the sketches mimicked his pop art piece of a dart board. My next step will be picking the 3 sketches that I want to use for my actual project.

March 16- Last class I asked Ms. McCall about my sketches. When I asked her we decided on three of my sketches. After we decided on the 3 sketches, I drew them out bigger in my sketch book to get an idea of what they look like when they are bigger. Once the sketches were drawn bigger, I began looking at the types of colors that Jasper Johns used, so I could base my colors off of him.

March 20- During the last class period I finished my sketches. I then planned out the colors that I was going to use on my front cover. For my front cover I decided to use a teal blue color, yellow and red. I decided on these colors since they are primary colors and that is what Jasper Johns used most.

March 22- Last class period I started and finished sketching my front cover onto the big piece of paper. The piece of paper will eventually be cut into 2 pieces so I used my sketch that was the most symmetrical. The sketch I picked mimicked Jasper John's dark board piece, except mine was shaped as a rectangle vs a circle. Also instead of just solid colors in the rectangular dart board, I added some pattern. I did solid yellow in half and yellow and teal stripes in the other half.

March 24- Last class I was able to finish coloring my entire front cover. I used the colors yellow, red and a tealish blue. For my coloring I decided to do the whole front cover in marker. It was a lot of shading so in the future when I have to color that big of a space I may use water color instead. Using water color later in the project when I have to color in that much will allow me to do it faster.

March 28- Last class period I completely finished my front cover and turned it in. To finish it I first had to cut it into two pieces. Then after that I had to cut matte board about an inch smaller than the halves. Next I glued the matte board in the middle of the pieces of paper and then folded the pieces of paper over the board and glued the ends down. After that I had both the front and back cover of my project complete.

March 30- Last class period I looked over my sketches. While looking I decided on the first one that I wanted to use for my actual project. The one I chose was a puzzle that decreased in size each time I redrew it. This mimicked Jasper John's drawing of the american flag getting smaller and smaller. My next step will be to use water color to shade in the puzzle.

April 4- Last class period I finalized my second sketch to go on the opposite side of my paper. I drew it a few more times in my sketch book a little larger to see how it would probably look on the paper. The sketch going on the other side is a bunch of triangles put together since some of John's pieces used arrangements of triangles. The triangles will probably end up being primary colors lake the majority of my other parts of the project.

April 18- Last class period I finished the first side of my paper. It is a puzzle that gets smaller and smaller each time it is redrawn. Also, the middle puzzle piece has multicolored stripes of all the colors that I used on the puzzle. After I finished, I placed it on the drying rack. Once I did all that I began outlining my second side of the paper in black marker.

April 20- Last class I started to water color the opposite side of my paper. The design on it is a bunch of different triangles. There are 4 main bigger triangles centered around the middle and then there are 8 triangles around it that are slightly smaller in size. To color the insides of them I used water color. I went about an inch around the border with one color and then switched twice.

April 24- Last class period I realized that I needed to use a material other than water color. So, I finished watercoloring the main triangles that were in the center of the paper. After that I began to use colored pencil to shade in 4 of the 8 triangles that were surrounding the middle. I kept the same technique of making smaller triangles that were different colors in each big triangle. For the 4 triangles that are left I will probably end up shading them one solid color.

April 26- Last class period I finished up coloring 4 out of the 8 little triangles with colored pencils. I continued the same type of pattern that I did in the rest of the triangles. I also continued the same color scheme of primary colors and orange to go along with the theme. Now that most of my opposite side is done with water color and colored pencil I think that I will use marker for the last 4 triangles. This way I will have another material used in my project.

April 28- Last class period I finalized my pages. To finish them up I colored them in with marker as I said I would so that I will have used 2 materials. After this I decided that I wanted to cute my pages in have so that I would be able to make the book pages. I had to trim the pages little bit so that they would fit my cover the right way.

May 2- In the last class period I began to transform my pages. I made many little cuts on the ends of the paper to get rid of the "pagey" look of the paper. After this, I cut many slits in my paper and then began weaving like one of the first projects we did in this class. I used red and blue shreds of paper in order to complete the weaving.

May 4- Last class period, I begin adding things instead of cutting things out so I then grabbed some string and pipe cleaners. I used the string and pipe cleaners to outline the parts that I had used sharpie for on my pages. This made the black lines little more bold and drew more attention to them.

May 8- Last class period I made some more random cuts in my board. Some were triangular or shaped as half circles and others were shaped as puzzle pieces that were still visible on my pages. I also added a few more pop outs onto my board so that they would take up more space in between the pages. My pop outs were either straight lines or lines that were shipped slightly like a triangle.

May 10- During the last class period, I decided to try and do more with my cut outs. After I cut out a few of the puzzle pies, I went back and outlined them with black pipe cleaners. I put the pipe cleaners on the paper using hot glue. After I glued them together I then glued the puzzle pieces back onto the pages to line up with the matching colors.

May 12- Last class period I accidentally cut a very large hole in my paper because I tried to do something cool, but it didn't turn out exactly as I planned. To fix this I punched holes in the sides of the hole and then took string and tied a bow to attach the hole, which actually needed up looking pretty good. After this I had finished my sculpture book!


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