Henry Johnson -Sydney Oropeza

Henry Johnson was an African American soldier during World War I. His birthday was July 18, 1597 . He was nicknamed the 'Black Death' .

In his early life , he moved to Albany in his early teens, and was a redcap porter at the Albany Union Station on Broadway

Johnson enlisted into the U.S Military, joining the first African American unit fi the U.S Army . While he and another soldier where on watch in the Argonne Forest , he fought off approximately 24 German soldiers in hand to hand combat while his friend was injured . He killed multiple German soldiers and managed to rescue the soldier with him even though he had been injured 21 times .

Although racism was common with white American troops , the French troops welcomed Johnson . He earned the Croix de Guerre , which is the highest award of bravery , in 1918 . He was the First World War I soldier to receive that honor. His many awards include the Purple Heart , Distinguished Service Cross, and the Medal of Honor from President Obama.

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