Baily's Journey By: Hailie MerrIll

Hi my name is Baily and today I feel like going on a journey, you guys should come along. We will began our incredible journey as water droplets in plants. We see all kinds of bugs here. Not everyone liked the bugs so some people ran away so we all evaporated in to the clouds.

After time has passed everyone that was in the clouds wanted to find gold that was in ground water. So they had to go to the soil surface wich made precipitation. They wanted the gold so bad.

I yelled," I really hope we find gold."

A little droplet replied," Baily we will find the gold I promise all we have to do is follow the path."

"Ok I hope your right little droplet." Baily explained

So the next step on thier path is to go back to the clouds. They made evaporation going to soil surface to clouds. So when we got to the clouds we didn't find anything......but I found a clue, it says we need to go to the river so we can find another clue. So we all went to the river witch made percipitation. The clue told us to go to the animals.

Now we are with the animals. We stayed there for the whole day but then an animal slurped us up. We stayed in side the horse for a few hours. Until the horses owner rode her for and hour. So the horse was sweating so much she sweated us out. We didn't find a clue so we just went our own way. We went to the clouds again a little droplet thought we would find a clue we missed before. Going back to the clouds would make evaporation.

We went to the clouds and we found a clue again, it was in a treasure box. We pulled a slip of paper out from the box it said evaporation. Evaporation, which means going from animals, puddles, lakes, oceans to clouds. The clue said we need to go to the ocean. We stayed at the ocean for four days! Then we looked around for a clue and couldn't find anything. So a little water droplet said she thinks there's a clue in the clouds that we missed because she seen something but didn't say anything.

So we all went to the clouds to find the the clue, which made evaporation. Everyone was scattered around looking for the clues. A little droplet had a big smile on her face.

"I found the gold!" Yelled a little droplet.

"Yay!" I explained.

"But we only have $1,000 dollars, what are we going to do with it?" Replied a little droplet.

"We can use it to help the worker get new supplies to build the new school." I suggested.

"That sounds like a great idea Bailey!" A water droplet said happily.

So we uesd all are money we found to get supplies to build a new school. After that I started looking for a new journey to go on.

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