The Sign of the Beaver Week 1 Vocabulary

Quiz #1

There was mud daubed between the logs.

daubed - to smear or cover with soft sticky material such as plaster

The man ruefully held his head in shame.

ruefully - feeling, showing, or causing regret or sorrow

The man will coax the dog into the swimming pool.

coax - obtain by patient, gentle persuasion

The rescue team had to endure the wind and snow going up the mountain.

endure - to bear up under or function in spite of

The teenager looked indignantly at the protester's signs.

indignantly - feeling or showing anger about something considered to be unfair

The girl's hair color was in defiance of the school's dress code.

defiance - bold disobedience; lack of respect for authority

The restaurant is very finicky about the way they prepare their hamburgers.

finicky - exceptionally fussy or hard to satisfy

The woman grudgingly petted the dog rather than continue her walk.

grudgingly - reluctant or unwillingly


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