DrawN Together ...to Draw Together.

What is it?

Drawn Together is a communal learning experiment. We use an online workshop format to explore how to draw and improve as a community. Whether we use digital drawing pads or traditional pen and paper, we'll find a way to share our art, learn from one another, play drawing games (we're game designers after all), and keep the inspiration flowing.

What is it for?

The Drawn Together workshop is a more casual format than some of Design Oriented's other workshops. Our community members, or "Drawlings," are free to come and go. We encourage our Drawlings to hang out in our online sketch pad to practice, observe, and doodle in real-time. We have the #drawn-together discord channel to chat and post pictures of our traditional, hand-drawn art. The Drawn Together workshop will have the exercises, challenges, and structure necessary for those who are serious about improving their craft while still being a fun place for goofy doodlers.

What do you do?

  • Draw on your own and share the results (good, bad, or ugly) with the community.
  • Ask questions and get support from other learners.
  • Draw/Doodle in our online sketch pad; a nifty place where we see each other draw in real-time all via a web browser.
  • Follow the schedule of drawing lessons as tightly as you want. We use free, online curriculae to guide our lessons. You can always learn at your own pace.

You'll Need

  • Art supplies. Simple pen and paper is fine.
  • Discord Account (free)
  • Web Browser (to access Discord and Online Sketch pad)
  • Digital Drawing Device e.g. Wacom/Bamboo/Phone/Tablet [optional]

Our Credentials

I, Richard (KirbyKid) Terrell, have been drawing for over 25 years. I learned to draw from my mom, my brother, Commander Mark on TV, elementary school teachers, a middle school art teacher, art camps, youtube tutorials, college professors, and friends. I know how to draw, and I know how NOT to draw. I have a lot of good habits and some bad habits. I like my art, but I still have a lot to learn. Personally, I'm looking to improve my weakest skill by learning to draw from my imagination instead of from direct reference.

Enjoy some of my recent drawings.