DrawN Together ...to Draw Together.

What is it?

Drawn Together has concluded. From 4/13/20 to 8/13/20 we participated in a communal learning experiment. We used an online workshop format to explore how to draw and improve as a community. Whether we used digital drawing pads or traditional pen and paper, we found ways to share our art, learn from one another, play drawing games (we're game designers after all), and keep the inspiration flowing.

Our first communal images.

What is it for?

The Drawn Together workshop is a more casual format than some of  Design Oriented's other workshops. Our community members, or "Drawlings," are free to come and go. We encourage our Drawlings to hang out in our online sketch pad to practice, observe, and doodle in real-time. We have the #drawn-together discord channel to chat and post pictures of our traditional, hand-drawn art. The Drawn Together workshop will have the exercises, challenges, and structure necessary for those who are serious about improving their craft while still being a fun place for goofy doodlers.

How Did it Go?

See for yourself. Day after day the "Drawlings" returned to our communal "drawing board" to draw. Each of us picked our own color and stuck with it throughout all of our sketches. And if you need help remembering, we signed our names at the top of page in our color. For example, I, Richard (KirbyKid) Terrell, use a pink color. Anytime you see pink, it's me. This also means anytime you see multiple colors, that's communal drawing at work!

In the end we worked on 64 drawing boards together!


Drawing The curtain

Main Artists: KirbyKid, Jess, Bleach, Rodory, Mark, Harbrus, Mr.T, Krystal, Yakoma,

Supporting Artists: FateofReality, Hayden, Firecakes, Droqen, Jeff, Mr. Purple.

Our self portriats, signatures, and farewell messages all in one!

What's Next...

I, Richard (KirbyKid) Terrell, have been drawing for over 25 years. I learned to draw from my mom, my brother, Commander Mark on TV, elementary school teachers, a middle school art teacher, art camps, youtube tutorials, college professors, and friends. I know how to draw, and I know how NOT to draw. I have a lot of good habits and some bad habits. I like my art, but I still have a lot to learn. I used Drawn Together to learn how to draw from my imagination instead of from direct reference. After all the practice, I've made great progress! Design Oriented will make a drawing game eventually. Until then, keep drawing Drawlings.