The Social Issue: Child Soldiers By David, Aaron, and Hans

Table of contents

Page 1: Introduction

Page 2: Through the eyes of a child soldier and I never thought it would my child, Poems by David Roberts

Page 3: The Social Issue: Child Soldiers and how it effects the community by Aaron Czech

Page 4: The life of a Child Soldier by Hans Bakke

Page 5: Bibliography


Burma, Uganda, Columbia: All countries containing a social issue. In these countries, children are usually forced or kidnapped to be a child soldier. They had to recruit child soldiers because no one wanted to fight in the war. Parents had to watch their children be taken away to join the military. War affects every aspect of a child's development. Children should be able to come home and see their loving families. Children should be able to go outside and enjoy life. Not all children have this life. They're taken to become soldiers. In the book Bamboo People, the author tells a story of two boys who are child soldiers. A boy named Chiko was taken to become a child soldier, and a boy named Tu Reh is doing it for hate. The novel has two parts, Part 1 is Chiko's story, Part 2 is Tu Reh. Chiko shows how a child is taken to be a soldier and his experience as a child soldier. Tu Reh shows why he wants to be a soldier because the Burmese burned down his village and he wants revenge.

The purpose of this magazine is to evaluate and inform you about the problem of child soldiers. In this magazine you will be exposed to pieces of art that will inform you about what these kids go through. You will read poetry describing the troubles of watching a child be taken and a child thinking to himself about his past as a child soldier. You will view a news article informing you how this affects the community. Lastly, you will view a documentary that shows how this problem affects future generations. While viewing these pieces, we hope we provide you with a better understanding of the problem in hopes to find a way to stop it.


Through the eyes of a child Soldier

by David Roberts

Of course.

They chose me because I’m easier to abduct.

I saw them try to get mother,

but she’s above 18.

She always said they

wouldn’t take me away.

Yet they did anyway.

My eyes tell stories.

Stories that would shock

even the darkest people.

My eyes have seen worse than any child

could ever imagine of.

I’ve seen it all, to killing, to death,

to pain, to suffering, to extents that are

hard to think about.

My eyes should be used to learn how to read,

instead, they’re used to learn how to fight and kill.

Emotionless eyes are being forced to kill in brutal ways.

Children who are innocent are being ruined by men

who see no hope in their government.

My eyes are turning black,

so black that you could get lost in them.

They tell the story of a boy with lost and silent tears.

These are the eyes of a child soldier.

I never thought it would be my child

By David Roberts

There’s never a day I don’t think about my child.

Almost everyday I think about him.

I can never get that day out of my head.

I always try to not think about those soldiers taking him away.

I can only imagine what they’re doing to him,

I’ve heard How regular soldiers are treated,

I can only imagine how

They treat people in general.

All I’m worried about is my son.

I always wonder if he’s fighting or if he’s laid up in bed.

It’s so hard for me to believe that my son is a child soldier.

Yes, they are fighting for their lives and fighting for others lives.

But they’re really suffering on the inside.

They didn’t chose this life.

All of the old soldiers think they’re African boys holding guns.

They’re children across the world with families, hopes, and dreams.

These Soldiers don’t see them as children.

Children are our future.

Children don’t deserve this life. They need to grow

They need to have a good childhood and not a war childhood

It’s really pains me to think that my son

Is really suffering from being a soldier.

I bet his eyes tell stories.

Stories that would shock the whole world.

One day I will see him again, and he’ll tell me those stories.

The good, the bad

Stories about the children who survived, and the children who did not.

Child Soldiers and How it effects the community by Aaron Czech


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