The Macclesfield way A hub to help people live well and stay well

Waters Green Medical Centre building is home to six practices and almost 61,500 patients. Over four storeys the building accommodates a range of services to patients of all ages, from physiotherapy to phlebotomy. With the aim of keeping frail patients out of hospital, the practice has been working with a number of high-risk patients on how to look after themselves. From this, a special group was born: for patients who needed the information, but were not at the stage of needing one-on-one sessions.

The 'Ageing Well' group health and wellbeing sessions are a key initative for six of the GP practices at Waters Green Medical Centre. The project will be delivered by health care professionals who are working together to support people to be part of their local community. Their aim is to support local people to live well and stay well, promote healthy lifestyles and provide opportunities for socialisation, skill sharing, health education and emotional support. We spoke to those involved about their plans for the project.

"The idea for the project originally began as a frailty clinic for patients who were mild to moderately frail, but patients didn't like the term and we wanted to capture them in different stages and educate them on how they could recognise their different stages of ageing.

In the new clinics we can see 50 people in the morning. There will be four workshops: physiotherapy with full exercises which will be about 20 minutes, a mental health session which will look at dementia wellbeing, the local hospice will run a session on "dying well" and information on power of eterny and finally the rotary club provides some sessions.

The workshops will allow people living with frailty to receive information about positive lifestyle changes. They will be designed to help people get support that improves the quality of their lives and makes them as healthy and active as possible."

Laura Millington - Intermediate Care Physiotherapy Team Leader

The benefits of holding the group at the Waters Green Medical Centre building is the space and the resources. The venue allows networks to share resources between the six practices with the aim of eventually rolling out the scheme as a roadshow. Ultimately, the hope is that greater patient awareness will reduce frailty in the area - reducing pressure on GPs and helping healthcare services as a whole.