Rawabi Palestine's Shining City on a HIll

Driving into the city's thin access road, you can immediately see the cranes stretching out into the sky over the unfinished high-rises.
Buildings in Rawabi are made from the stone found beneath the surface of the city, making it a city that is quite literally being built from the ground up.
Construction sites are found throughout Rawabi as developers race to the finish apartment buildings in order to attract more residents.
Unfinished apartments line the city streets, and construction workers and engineers are working daily to finish the project as soon as possible.
There are some apartments in the city that are complete, and the picture above depicts a pair that are fully completed with residents living in them.

“We wanted to do and make a project. A project that picks up the economy. And this is not about money-making, it's about nation-building. Doing this project was not motivated by the business aspect.” -Bashar al-Masri

The apartment complexes have a modern, but unique design, creating an image of cascading stone levels. Depicted above is a section of the city that is complete with families taking up residence within the buildings.
Rawabi's developers say they wanted to make the city as walkable as possible in order to ease the burden of transportation, so beautiful pathways and stairways are scattered throughout, adding to the city's aesthetic quality.
Beautiful stone designs can be found on the entrances of many of Rawabi's homes, proving the intricacy of the city's architects and planners.
An issue the city is faced with is its narrow streets, making it slightly difficult to get in and out in a timely manner. Though the population is small at the moment, as it increases, traffic congestion could become a much larger issue in the future.
At the center of Rawabi sits a downtown area that is still under construction, but when finished it will be home to Palestine's first shopping center as well as various offices, companies, and incubators.
Another attraction within the city is the extreme sports and recreation center which has a zip line course and other outdoor as well as indoor activities.
Rawabi is home to one of the largest open-air theaters in the world, with a capacity of 15,000 occupants. In the future, this theater will be home to concerts, plays, and various other performances year-round.
Driving away from the city, one can see the nation's largest Palestinian flag standing on the hilltop of the entrance, flapping in the wind and reminding passersby of the nation's pride.

“My vision is not for Rawabi as a project. My vision is for the domino effect that Rawabi will create. I hope and I trust you will hear of Rawabi Two by in the 2018, in the 2019, way before we finish this project and not necessarily by us, by other people." -Bashar al-Masri

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