The crime of John Brown JUSTICE CHANGED ALL

Background : The man who ended slavory John Brown, The background of john Brown of why did he do what he did? He did this because he had hatred of slavory. Is there a reason why he did what he did? Yes he didn't want slavory in the world so him and his son led attacks on pro slavory residents. Where and when did this happened? It had happened on October 16-18, 1859 it was in Virginia now (West Virginia

During:Who was all involved? Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglas, Harriet TrumanHow did John Brown die? He was hanged. WhAt else happened:Brown’s raiders captured a number of prisoners, including George Washington’s great grand nephew, Lewis Washington. Trapped Brown and his men inside the arsenal’s firehouse. During the short siege three citizens of Harpers Ferry, including Mayor Fontaine Beckham. were killed.

Aftermath: How it changed law.. Many saw the harbinger of the future. He was the embodiment of all there fears a white man willing to die to end slavory. Why he believed in ending slavory? He believed in the violent overthrow of slavory system, and not having slaves not end up dead. Did he die?.. John Brown died on December 2nd, 1859 he was charged with treason and inssarrection.

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