Camp is a world unto itself - a place where children come to experiment, be themselves, try out new selves, practice what they do well, learn things they have not tried before. At its best, camp offers children a safe environment to succeed, fail, and learn to try again. Particularly in today's technology-driven, text-messaging, cell-phone connected world, camp focuses on the here and now, right in front of you relationships that still work to create the old-fashioned friendships that last a lifetime. Most important, camp allows children to practice the skills of making and keeping friends, which is why we have the following Camp Policies in place...


We do not allow any camper, under any circumstance to have a cell phone whatsoever. WE MAKE NO EXCEPTIONS. In the instance of a camper being found in possession of a cell phone that camper will NOT be permitted to participate in their divisional trip. If the phone is found AFTER the trip, there will be an equal consequence.

We know one critical component of the camp experience is the opportunity for kids to "unplug." We strongly believe it is central to being at camp, and will count on campers and parents to support our stance on this without exception


In keeping with our camp's mission, " Teaching children the skills of making and keeping friends while building their self-esteem, self-confidence and resilience in a safe and fun environment", our electronic policy promotes these goals. Please do not send old I-Phones as a music device - they are not permitted.

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