Southern Colonies Addie .F.

Come hear to the southern colonies wear your money dreams will come true.

Reason for founding

The reason for it's founding is that you could make lots of money and it was a safe place for Catholics.



They had warm weather and pretty good soil.

The land

The land is good for growing crops, and it has really good soil.

Natural Resources

Its natural resources are good soil, warm weather, and lot's trees.

How people made money
How people made money

Southern colonies made money by Ship Building, Slave trading, and farming.

Maryland Colonies

Cecilius Calvert was an English noble man. He was a Catholic and he started a colony in Maryland in 1634. In the colony they sold lots of crop and tobacco , tobacco is smoking but they did not no that in was harmful then

So come on done to the southern colonies wear your dreams will come true.

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