All Saints CE Primary School 5th February 2021 Newsletter

A Message From Mrs Palmer

The first newsletter of 2021 and I am sad to be writing this to you in Lockdown... AGAIN! I think all of us were filled with the hope that a new year would bring some kind of break, especially with the vaccine and so I completely understand that we may all be feeling frustrated, sad and anxious to say the least. However- on a positive note, I have been blown away by the kindness and generosity of our community and the way everyone is trying to support each other. We really do have a very special school family. Please continue to talk to us and each other; reach out and get support- we will help in any way we can.

We have had a number of parents getting in touch to say they are struggling with home learning and would like their child to return to school. Unfortunately, returning to school is neither the answer nor an option in many cases. We have strict guidelines to only have children who have parents who are critical workers and not working from home or who are vulnerable. We also have limits, as per our risk assessment, on how many pupils we can have in each class to ensure safe social distancing and many of our classes are at their maximum capacity.

On a personal level, if I could have every child in school, I really would have them back in a heartbeat - I just can't. As Head of School, I have to make some really tough decisions, that may not suit everyone, but have to be made to ensure the safety of staff and pupils, and that has always been my priority.

If you are one of those parents who are struggling, you are not alone. I think it is safe to say that not many of us are really coping 100% with this whole situation. However, we have to remind ourselves about why we are doing this.

We must operate a careful (and difficult) balance; offering support to those critical workers who really need it and keeping the numbers of people (children and adults) in school as low as possible. More children in school, will mean more staff in school, which leads to greater numbers in an enclosed space, which increases the risk of transmission. It is that simple. So please only request a place in school if you really need it.

If you are at home, or working from home, then you must keep your child with you. Unfortunately, if things do not change, we may get to the point where we have to request proof of employment hours/rotas etc.

Could I also take this opportunity to ask you to carefully consider the letter which Governors sent out yesterday. I have a number of phone calls every week, from concerned parents and villagers who are seeing our All Saints children and families mixing "bubbles". Obviously it is not within our power or capability to police this, but I would ask you to really think carefully about your actions. On more than one occasion, we have had to console children who are worried to come into school because of rumours they have heard about others mixing.

Government rules state that:

This is the law and is for all our safety.

Thank you in advance for your understanding,

Mrs P

A Prayer for times of Isolation

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Remote Learning Feedback

Thank you to everyone who completed our Remote Learning Feedback form. We appreciate all feedback and we were particularly overwhelmed with the positive messages of support.

"The remote learning is superb, I can not fault it."

The staff in school truly loved reading your comments- they were a much needed boost and we are incredibly grateful to those who took the time to write them.

"Loving the live lessons, the support the school is giving the children and their families is amazing. Thank you."

We asked you, "On a scale of 1-5, how happy are you with the remote provision being offered to your child?" and our average score from 128 responses was 4.5!

"The provision is excellent quality and my son is thriving on the lessons, he loves his teacher and wants to learn."

The staff are working very hard to try and cater for everyone and keep the children in school and online engaged and learning. Of course , there was feedback which has given us areas for us to work on but this was the whole point of the survey!

As a result of the survey we are going to be having more "screen free days"- at least one a fortnight. We will try and schedule this day to be the same across the school, so that siblings do not feel it is unfair. We know that many of you are working still and juggling this, so there will be activities suggested for the day, and a timetable which you can look at the night before. However, if you are in a position to have a "day off" with your children, then please do! On this day, children in school will also be having the opportunity to take part in different activities for their wellbeing.

We are also looking at ways that we could provide some reading books and how we could provide more 1:1 intervention whilst staying Covid Safe and adhering to our safeguarding rules.

Thank you for helping us raise £309

On Christmas Jumper Day you all looked amazing and helped us to raise a great amount of £309 for Save the Children.

Who Inspires You?

Evie goes the extra mile... well 20 actually!

In between her remote learning and completing her work, Evie has been using her daily exercise to raise money for the NHS. She set herself a target of covering 20 miles over the week which she would run, walk or cycle. Mum says that as a child that loves her screen time, this definitely was a challenge for Evie.

Evie originally came with the idea and hope to raise £50 for the NHS as she had learned that this amount could fund a tablet which enables patient's to keep in touch with their loved ones.

By the end of her challenge, Evie had raised a phenomenal £656!!

Evie we are so incredibly proud of you!

Go Maisy!

Maisy is running a mile a day throughout February for a Pancreatic Cancer charity. She will be completing her challenge with her Mum and brother- we wish you lots of luck!

If you would like to sponsor her, please visit :


Well done Maisy and family!

Snow Much Fun!

What an amazing time the children had last Monday in school!

Mrs Palmer's Active Challenge

I have a challenge for you all which might help to get you out and about!

Download Strava for free and see what picture you can make as it tracks your walk or run.

Best picture by February half term wins a prize!!!

Just send them via Facebook Messenger or email them to admin@allsaints.leics.sch.uk

Can you tell what this picture is ??


Mrs P

Children's Mental Health Week

Why not enter this year's challenge?

Wellbeing Team

Here are our fabulous Wellbeing Team with all of the generous donations made for the Big Gift Appeal.

We received a lovely Thank You letter from Major Carol Evans of the Salvation Army, telling us how much joy they had brought to children in Hinckley.

Special thanks to you all, the Wellbeing Team and especially to Mrs Smith for organising such a wonderful event.

First News

First News is a weekly newspaper aimed at 7 to 14-year-olds. Our children love it here and it's great to know they are offering it free online for a limited period.

WOW- so many birthdays to celebrate!

These are our birthdays since the beginning of the year and up until our next newsletter!

Happy Birthday this time goes to...

Lilly-Mae, Jack, Matthew, Amiyah-Rose, Ava, Elijah, Kenny, Lenny and Lottie in Little Acorns

Lacie, Harley, Aalayah, Molly, Honey-Rose and Sophia in Year 1

Tavion, Tyler, Daniella, Livia, Kobi, Alfie, Roxanna and Joshua in Year 2

Ella, Hannah, Faye, Frankie, Vienna, Willow and Ocean in Year 3

Khan, Willow, Ashleigh, William, Skye and Riley in Year 4

Eve, Alicja, Harry, Oscar, Emmy and Joshua M in Year 5

Penelope, Ruby, Austin, Stephen, Tom, Harris and Deira in Year 6

We hope you have a lovely day!

Christmas DT Day

A flashback to our Christmas DT Day and the great fun we all had!

Ash class had to use their maths as well as their Design and Technology Skills! Each resource had a price and they had to work out how much to "spend" in order to create their Christmas Decoration.


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Health and Wellbeing

Maisie in Year 4's fabulous understanding of our SCARF work in school :)

LSLSSP have come up with some newsletters inserts for parents/ carers for each month of the academic year. The newsletters are designed to give parents a basic understanding of health and well-being. They include links to websites for more detailed information and helplines/further support.

Conversation Starters

EPIC, who are our school psychology service have recommended these brilliant Wellbeing Conversation Starters from the charity Young Minds. It is a great infographic reminder for us all to prompt conversation about a child’s wellbeing.

Juggling work and home

A lovely article on BBC Bitesize which talks about how to juggle work, home and school!

What can we learn from Captain Tom? The 100 Challenge!

Useful Dates


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