Vietnam War By justin galbraith

Peoples values and beliefs changed through out the Vietnam war. For example people started wondering what we were doing in Vietnam what the purpose for the death of their child was. And why we were fighting the Vietnamese. Through out the war people started to value life and why there was a huge loss of life. Because of a lack of explanation by the government the values changed. There were others that believed the communists must be stopped. Towards the end of the war little to no people believed the lost lives were worth stopping communism in Vietnam.

Some of the tactics used in the war were part of the reason for the peace movement. A major tactic used by the United States was drooping napalm. Napalm is a gelling agent and either gasoline (petrol) or a similar fuel it sticks to skin and causes severe burns when on fire. We napalmed many villages and killed 1.1 million civilians. Also this was the first time Helicopters dominated the sky's, the helicopters made it easier to transport supplies evacuate wounded and provide ground support. This was the first time america had really fought in a jungle, because of this america was at a disadvantage. The Vietcong (North Vietnamese) had to use a style of guerrilla warfare. Similar to the Americans during the revolutionary war. They set up booby traps like spike pits planted bombs in towns, had vast tunnel systems like the ho chi men trail staying so close to the Americans they could not use artillery or air support without killing their own men. This was a type of warfare the Americans have never had to fight against so this resulted in a loss in lives and the war.

On the home front the people were recovering from World War 2 and Korea. They were tired of war because of this the war had little support. The peace movement was started and protests for peace began across the entire country. The peace movement was one of the biggest factors in pulling out of Vietnam. The economy took a major hit as america spent 187 billion dollars into the war effort, this money could have been spent else where. Also people gained the right to vote at 18 due to the draft. The defense budget was increased by a huge amount as well.

The music of the time was a big part of the peace movement. And was a huge part in the culture of the time. Songs like Give peace a chance by John Lennon and We Have Got to Get Out if this Place by The Animals. The music was Providing a new way to protest about a big issue. And is one of the best examples of a deeper meaning in music

America put out propaganda in an attempt to gain support for the war. Propaganda would come out in methods using Television, newspaper media and more. The propaganda would talk about the communist threat. With the cold war tensions being very high this was easy at the beginning to put out anti communist threat. There was less propaganda towards the middle of the war 1961. The propaganda was always on television in a desperate attempt to gain support for the war. Propaganda was also spread in Vietnam as well

Protests were the biggest event of Vietnam on the home front. The peace movement was the time where the people said enough is enough and decided to promote peace. The people stood up against the government and protests were a easy way to get there voices heard. The protests were anti Vietnam and pro peace. The one thing in common with all the protests were that they were promoting peace.

The media was a major reason for the peace movement. This was the first time technology was advanced enough to where here people could film the war and broadcast it to the people back home. People saw this film and joined the peace movement. The media included television for the first time and instead of pictures it was filmed. An argument against the media is its easily accessible information could be seen by the enemy. This was True to an extent, but the media never revealed important classified information just footage of combat.

The economy took a hit during the Vietnam war. Money that was being spent on a pointless war could have gone to other programs that needed help. At the begging of the war the government took money away from education and welfare in order to fund the war. The war effort cost about 950 billion dollars in tax payer money. Speaking about taxes the government raised them to fund the war. The war also added to the national debt. To this day we are

At the time the government was anti communist and foreign policy revolved heavenly on this anti communist policy. This war was happening during the most anti communist establishment and during the cold war. The government wanted to halt the spread of communism. So the government saw what was happening in Vietnam and the communist threat so they got involved to defeat communism. But to the public this was not a valid reason to go to war.

This was the first time the draft was used in a major war. 18 year old men were forced to fight without the right to vote. This caused some backlash so they drooped the age to vote to 18. The draft was a huge reason for the peace movement. Because young people were forced to die for a war no one new we were fighting. About 648,000 people were drafted to fight in Vietnam.

During Vietnam a family might be split up into very different roles. The kid would go to school to be educated that normal. Or if the kid was older he would be drafted into war. The mother would usually stay at home and do chores while the father worked. This was a common family during Vietnam. If a family didn't have kids the family would most likely be husband works and wife does chores. It was kind of uncommon for women to work.

With veterans coming back home from the war there were no big celebrations like ww2. There were celebrations about the war ending sure, but the public didn't see them as hero in a way. PTSD was still an issue as it has been in any war accept younger men were suffering from it. PTSD makes it hard to get back into society with loud noises some times would "trigger something". So a lot of them would spend a lot of time getting back into society.

The purpose of the Vietnam war is still being debated today. The government at the time said that it was to stop the spread of communism. Which is a reason, but not a good one. People started debating if fighting communism was worth all of the lives. What was the purpose behind all of the loss of life. The only definitive answer has been to stop the spread of communism. This is why the peace movement happened because there was no purpose.

Race equality was a big thing on the home front. The civil rights movement and Vietnam were going on at the same time. So people of color were treated very differently. Segregation was a huge thing that was being practiced. So in america there was no race equality. There were no equal races in the United States.


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