The Deadly Drop By: Robert Davis and chris maloy

Genre: Action


A thrill seeking teen and his friend try sky-diving for the first time. After a test jump his friend abandons him to do the real jump alone. When the teen attempts to pull his parachute, it fails and he panics, causing him to spiral towards the ground and imminent death. Luckily a nearby coach is able to catch him and open his parachute, saving his life in the process.


Stewart is the hero who is trying to reach his dream of skydiving.

Brian is the shape-shifter who is easily convinced and he seems loyal but fear is evidently a factor he cannot ignore.

Peter is the ancient mystagogue. He assists Stewart in his dream by keeping him from panicking and saving him when panic overwhelms him.

Act 1 (set up): Choosing to sky dive

Stewart realizes he has enough spending money to do something fun. He decides to go skydiving. Not wanting to go alone he decides to ask his friend Brian to come with him. After a bit of coaxing Stewart convinces Brian to come with him. Stewart's mother gives them a ride to the hanger and wishes them well.

Act 2 (body): Training and betrayal

Stewart and Brian go into a room where they learn about potential hazards that come with sky diving. After completing training they're ready for the preliminary jump. With excitement welling up inside them they board the plane.

Once it's time to jump they crawl out onto the wing of the plane and let go, falling quickly for a second before their pre-opened parachute catches them allowing them to enjoy the view as they slowly float to the ground. When Stewart lands the rush of adrenaline washes over him and pumped him up for the real jump that was yet to come. Brian however, kissed the ground and was just happy to be alive.

The training for the final jump had begun. As they enter the room to be introduced to the trainers, they see a man standing on his head in the middle of the room. When he sees them he flips around and introduces himself as Peter. Peter and the other trainers show the group the proper techniques and procedures for the 11,000 foot jump. As time goes on the two friends get more and more nervous. Finally the time comes for them to get on the plane. As everyone enters the plane Stewart realizes he can't find Brian. When he asks Peter where Brian went, he gets told that Brian refused to board the plane and left. The plane ascends as Stewart's fear builds. He wasn't prepared to sky dive with only strangers around him.

Act 3 (climax): Mechanical failure and Rescue

The time to jump had arrived. Stewart was extremely nervous but Peter's reassurances helped him keep his nerve. Stewart jumps out of the plane with some of the trainers. He soars threw the air, barely able to contain his excitement and fear. As he reaches the height to open the parachute, he tries to pull the chute and it fails. He almost panics, but remembers the reserve chute. Unfortunately that failed as well. Stewart begins to panic and can't stay even. He begins to spiral towards the ground and a terrifying pace. Right as h is about to accept his death he feels someone grab his leg and arm. Peter evens Stewart out, grabs him, and opens his parachute. The descent was slower but they hit the ground hard. After getting up. Peter high fives Stewart, who isn't sure whether he should cheer or throw up. The day ends with the trainers and rookie sky divers sharing a beer and reminiscing over the events. As apology for the chute failure Stewart gets a free pass to sky dive again.


Take care in choosing who you trust.

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